Wednesday, November 5, 2008


A very exciting time to be an MBA student, but it is made even more exciting by the elections.
I have never excercized my right to vote when I lived in 
Israel, so this was my first time voting for the US elections. As I write this, I can hear fireworks celebrating the election of the US' first half Afro-American president. This is history being made.
As opposed to Israel, in the US we do not get a day off and you can only vote until 7 pm. Although people should be able to allocate the time to vote, I wonder how this affects the voting rate. 
I must admit that the voting process was pretty painless: an electronic process that although intutive, I can understand how some elderly folks in Florida may find confusing. 

It's funny, but in all the times I've voted in Israel I've never felt like I have today. Actually having a part in shaping the next 4 years of the greatest superpower in the world will do that.

America is certainly moving forward. Who knows, maybe in four years it will be ready for a full Afro-American president, or perhaps even a woman.

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MechaniGal said...

I obviously didn't vote. But I can't remember being this excited about an election back in India ( ok maybe the first time I voted I was a wee bit excited...).
Truly is an interesting time to be in America :)

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