Monday, November 10, 2008

Black November

The most infamous time in the Darden program. When you wake up it’s dark. When you come back from school it’s dark. Recruiting stays in high gear and off grounds recruiting is added to it. To top it all off, if it wasn’t enough that we were loaded with 110% human capacity of schoolwork, meaning that 9% of the work can’t be done by an average person giving a 100% (dropping recruiting and everything else for it), the program has most graciously increased the load to about 130% with more pages to read for each case, more pages in each technical note and more pages in more books to read. The only thing that keeps us sane is the Thanks giving weekend seen at the horizon. Every class survives black November, so I guess we will too.


JulyDream said...

I thought I was dying on Friday night with the bug I caught. Black November seems like nothing compared to that. We'll all make it becase we're all here to help! :D

Christof Meyer said...

You will also make it because you have the best "back up" in the business.

Just make sure you reach out to the network. That's absolutely one of the main strengths of the Darden family.

And especially let the Blog Team know how you're doing so we can help carry the burden. Keep blogging - and let us know what you are THINKING about, not just what you're DOING.



Oren said...

Constructive criticism... That's a first. While I thank you for that, I'm protecting the balance of nature by keeping my thoughts to myself. I'm not sure the world is ready.

Kiran said...

black november is overrated

Mandy said...

keep the chin up. i admire your mastery of the percentages!
thanksgiving will be here soon and you can enjoy the gluttonous american holiday in all its glory!

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