Saturday, October 18, 2008

Work hard & Party hard

In the rigorous program at Darden we work hard, but we also party hard. My ears were just recovering from TNDC, where a classmate’s band –Die Manic was playing, and I was back in class for the ‘Crack the case workshop’ learning how difficult case interviews are going to be. In the evening, it was time for the 100-case party – a 20 year old tradition of celebrating

 completion of 100 cases. This year we had an 80’s theme. What could be better than a full night with the best era of music the world has ever listened to?

The buses took us to an unknown location in an attempt to reduce the number of people driving there. I find it amazing that everyone just took a break from worrying about the financial crisis, the job search, exams and duties and was having plain fun. 


Ameya said...

Hey Oren... I am really looking forward to speaking to someone from the school. If you are on Gtalk, my id is amu[dot]khandekar[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you are on skype, my id is the same - amu[dot]khandekar

Thanks Oren.


MechaniGal said...

You said it Oren! We really played hard that night! My ears were ringing long after that party :)
And then reality strikes right? I'm back in my hole (the library) trying to desperately read through the cases for Monday. The 101st case... think that merits a Section D wave?

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