Friday, February 6, 2009

The best professors in the world - Sing it with me

Yesterday I found out that there are still a few gems in C'Ville I haven't had the pleasure of drinking in as the Dardenite TNDC crowd crammed up the Bel-Rio - Bar, live music and more important: food after 22:00! Having Fridays as reading days this Q makes TNDC much more attractive when examining the go no-go decision tree. The jewel in the crown last night was the faculty band (featuring students as well). 

Check out the link to see my strategy professor can do more than talk. 


MechaniGal said...

I missed TNDC yesterday YET AGAIN! But I'll be there at your bash next weekend :D I'll have you make me a D-tree for this go/no-go conundrum I'm having ;)

Irene said...

decision trees? seriously?
I had a blast on Thu, too. I love Friday-reading-days.

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