Sunday, June 1, 2008

Should You Get An M.B.A.?

I tried out the Forbes business school calculator. I got the following results:
Yayks! I had the notion, but it's different when you actually see the numbers.
So I'm leaving a good career progress and a nice salary, stability, friends, family and all of that behind. Why do I want to get an MBA?

I had to answer this in the five applications I wrote, but even before that, I had to answer this in order to know if I even wanted to apply in the first place.

I like money just like the next person. Well, I apparently don't like it enough to keep it and patch up that hole I have in my wallet, but anyway, money's not the (main) reason for the MBA. I'm not even looking at investment banking.

Ok, so I would have gotten my next promotion in a few months. That would have been nice, but then what?

It's the leap. The doors that would be opened for me once I'm in a top b-school, the top notch education I'll get to understand all the business components and how they all come together, the fantastic people I'll meet (and already have met some). It's that quantum leap.

Why do you want to get an MBA?

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